Anonymous Tables at Bodog

At the Start of December, Bodog started offering anonymous tables for their poker players. This supposedly conceals the player’s identity so as to give all players an equal environment where they could not discern one player from another.

The main purpose for this change was so that beginners could play on a level field where poker pros could not prey on them, as they do not know who they are playing up against. Moreover, it supposedly gives you the same thrilling atmosphere as playing live poker because the names of all your opponents are unknown.

Although the main idea sounds great and the purpose is noble, it does not always work out as expected when they offered it up to the public. Initially, there had been a lot of issues with the new software. It had a lot of glitches and it crashed periodically. A few days later, there were already rumours going around that the software had already been hacked and that there was a sure way to know the real identity of the players behind the anonymous names appearing on screen.

After that, numerous poker websites confirmed that they have broken through the website’s flimsy security protocols. Some even put up videos giving instructions and showing the steps on how they did it.

Even though Bodog keeps on insisting that their site is safe to play in, the traffic to the Bodog website plummeted as players became aware of this major problem in the server’s security software. Apparently, most customers prefer a safe playing environment and shied away at the first signs of security vulnerability. And who would blame them with the past history of cheating cases at Absolute Poker, UB Poker or even at the big sites like Full Tilt Poker.

With a lot of poker websites offering similar gaming services, most websites try to create something unique to offer the player, but it sometimes has the opposite effect unfortunately. It seems that Bodog might have just overextended themselves and we can only hope that they fix this situation sooner than later.