Pamela Anderson poker player

Did you know that Pamela Anderson plays poker?

Despite a new husband and new Las Vegas condo, Pamela Anderson is still just a soccer mom at heart.

Different people have come to know Pamela Anderson for different reasons. There’s actress Pamela, who stole most of the world’s breath playing a lifeguard for the ages on Baywatch. There’s writer Pamela and her novel Stark Struck, which was inspired by her own life, activist Pamela and her tireless work with PETA, and of course, bombshell Pamela; her 11 Playboy covers can attest to that. But with a little help from Doyle Brunson and her poker-playing kids, you’ll soon be introduced to soccer mom/poker player Pamela.

Pamela Anderson: “It seems like it’s been kind of floating around for the past ten years. It just seemed to makes sense to do something fun like that. Doyle obviously is the best. My dad’s a big fan of Doyle’s. When they came to me, he said, “Doyle Brunson? You just have to do it.” My mom told me to do Playboy and my dad told me to do poker, so I’m just listening to my parents.”

So Pam, you’re getting good advice from your parents. Pam”Yeah. My dad plays poker and my grandpa played poker; my kids even play poker. I’m the last one on board in the family to play. I remember by dad playing since I was little. But I didn’t really pay much attention or take any notes, so I’m learning. It’s a good thing to know, it’s a game of skill. It’s obviously really popular now and I’m always looking for new things to do online because I have the popularity online. I like interactive things, so this was really a fun next thing to do. It’s sexy, it’s cool, I think it’s really hot.”

How is your poker learning experience going? Pam “Doyle is teaching me, so I’m learning no bad habits. I’ve got a really good teacher. We’ve got to get together soon because I’ve been gone running around the whole world. I don’t know if I’ve got to go to Texas or if he’s going to come here to California. He was mad, he wanted me to play in the World Series of Poker but I was getting married at the time. He said that was a good excuse. He wants me to play next year, so I’ve got to get it together…more”