My recent plays

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Hello my readers!  I left my blog aside from the early period for my bad run continued and I did not want to post about it. My bankroll was at its worst at $ 470! Going from $ 960 to $ 470, I assure you, gives a blow to morale.

I focused again on the multi-tabling sit and goes, but it did nothing. Besides, I could finish the month in negative at this level. I’m a little stressed but there are good and bad days. I’m not stable at NL10 because sometimes it makes me swell to play against the LAGs and I play off, big mistake. I left out the MTT $ 2, $ 3 and $ 5 because you know if we cannot afford them, might as well pass.

But as I love MTTs and that the level of MTT players mentioned above is really awful, I tried again the steps, you know the formula step of William Hill Poker. I tried the step 2 (10 players sng turbo). I managed to get pass this and tried the step 3 (10 players sng normal mode). The first time I finished third. Finally, I have not lost everything because this place gives me the right to retry the same step. One evening, I entrusted myself and I picked up my pass 4 worth $100.

Cool given the time I was waiting for this. I can finally try a $100 MTT and confront myself with players of a good standard throughout. And the fact of playing for a large prize pool adds a dose of excitement and is fun to play. In short, despite the status of my bankroll, I am happy to have scraped the sesame which is a high achievement for my poor means. Now I had to make a choice. Which $100 MTT to choose? Three options are opened to me:

A MTT  deepstack. This event offers several packs worth $3.5k depending on the number of participants to play in a side event in Vegas for the WSOP or a European event. If the winners do not want to pack, they can cash in cash value. Or a $10k guaranteed MTT deepstack. 3000 chips, 15 min + level. Or a 30k MTT guaranteed deepstack. The same structure but a huge prize pool. Here was my reasoning about it:

The MTT pack cash’ somewhat interested me to the extent that even if I get the cash offer, it is set up for players who want to get a pack. It is not my case now.  For the 10k MTT it is interesting because there is one every night, the field is generally small and the prize pool is more than correct. Regarding the $30k MTT it is interesting mainly for its prize pool. But the field is typically 300 players. I admit that attracted me a lot. $30k is greedy, is it not? I should at least consider that the tournament can last six hours, so it means until 4am minimum if I am in the money.

So, it seems that the $10k was the best one for my schedule!  Last Saturday, a poker party was planned for me. Unfortunately due to lack of players, we had to cancel.