The Black Gold that Made the Modern World

Posted by the-ace | gambling online | Wednesday 2 April 2014 4:14 pm

black-coffeeDo you drink coffee while playing Texas Hold’em on the Internet? I guess you do and most people in fact do. But did you know how coffee became the widely used beverage that it is today? Here is how.

In the latter half of the 1800’s, the face of the world was changing. The industrial revolution was finding it’s groove and picking up speed, and the world would never be the same again.

Suddenly people no longer worked as specialized craftsmen, working their whole lives to perfect a technique or technology. People began working in large-scale factories that took very little, if any, special training. But this new economy needed something to keep it running.

A black liquid gold that, while discovered long, long ago, only became widespread in modern society in the past 200 years. This liquid is, of course, coffee. Coffee has been used as a drink since at least the late 1500’s, but for centuries was not a widely consumed drink.

Originally associated with Mid-Eastern and African Muslim religious ceremonies, in the 1700’s coffee began to form it’s association with political radicals and ‘enlightenment’ thinkers. And their coffee remained for another 100 years, a specialty drink not much payed attention to.

Then the factories came. Suddenly workers needed to start their day at 5 am, work 12 and 18-hour shifts with very short breaks, and stay alert the entire time. The machines were dangerous, the work was monotonous. People needed to stay alert, to stay awake. And the answer was coffee.

With the coming of the industrial revolution, coffee production and consumption skyrocketed. No longer a just a drink of bohemians and philosophers, the strong black ‘cup of Joe’ became synonymous with the hard working labor classes, allowing them to work earlier, work longer, and build a new society.

Today we are in the middle of the computer revolution. The world changes around us at a frantic pace, leaving so many commonplace things of the past behind. But on the desk of every executive, every online poker player, every computer programmer, every hard working man and woman pushing society forward, is that same cup of coffee that built our modern society all those years ago.