Hello world!

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I start this blog to get me focused on a goal. My mission is to go to the USA next year for 2 weeks visit my brother and play at least one WSOP event. I need roughly $10K for that and got 10 months to do it. Due to too many cash outs and a bad WCOOP I am down to 1.3 K.

I will go back to mainly playing sit and go’s and a few MTT’s. I will start at the $30 level and sometimes a $50. I must at least play 100 sit and goes a month to get on an average of 1K a month.

I am aiming on at least 45% ITM with an ROI of 30%. I know for myself this is a target I can reach. I will be playing on Party Poker and on Pokerstars and I will report my results regularly. I a got a job for 80% in which I work 3 days on and 3 days off the whole year. On my off days I allow myself to play one MTT, any money I make on these I will use on family purposes ( baby coming and all).

I hope one of you will make a comment sometimes in order to give me some support. I will also play $25 NL but that is only in the hour when I come back from work before I hit the sack. Vegas here I come.

I played some no limit hands today where I lost some money and called a big bet when I knew I was behind. QQ raise from 2nd and min raised by late position. At the flop come the ten of hearts, the eight of clubs and the ten of hearts, I bet pot and player calls. The turn is the two of clubs, I bet $8 player all in $15 I know he has KK or AA and still I call.

He has KK that $15 I could have saved. Earlier on I did fold QQ in almost exact situation. I am gonna play the $11 rebuy at pokerstars now and some SNGs. Hope I play better.